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^ From what I've read the G-3 is much more reliable than the FAL. And accuracy is about the same? I have stated it elsewhere that in a true SHTF situation that I prefer a .30 cal rifle! Be it 30/30 or 7.62x39 or 308. Those calibers just give you a lot more flexibility and range to work with.
As for 5.56/.223, mines for sale! Think I'll get me a nice SMLE in .303!
.303 British... how i love that round... one of the best in the war i can say... i faced it with Lee Enfield Mk. III and tried the mad minute... BUT failed as i only displaced 12 rounds in a 200m target (freakin hard to aim at the iron sights!)... seriously... the bolt mechanism was so smooth and soft.. this is what you get for firing a semi auto for too long...

G3 fires a bit slow for my taste... and i'd want to have a go at the Swiss SG552 for that...
lets roll
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