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Originally Posted by JamesEdwards View Post
Tk... You and I don't get along on principle, but for pete's sake, take one five or take your beef where it belongs. In fact, if you want to "discuss" numbers, go over to the technology section or go straight to the head honchos in the light novel discussion thread. I imagine they'd just love to entertain your skepticism.
Says the guy that brought it up here to begin with, beside which it's relevant in character creation to know the overall power level, and that stuff is compete and utter nonsense.

A IS can't even evade two dinky beer can missiles in ep 2 and you expect me to buy that another unit shot down 2,000 of them? Please that stuff is complete crap contradicted by everything we see in the acutal series. The IS are just mini-mecha and behave just like any other anime mecha that stuff cited is just wank that's not even vaguely supported by what we see. So unless you want to argue that for some asinine reason all IS we see in combat are operating at like 1% of there "real" capabilities I'm going to merrily disregard such hyperbolic bullshit.

Seriously. It's Japan, and without suspension of disbelief, I believe, you might suffer a spontaneous cranial aneurysm.
I suspend my disbelief by accepting that flying anti-gravity power armor can exist at all. That doesn't mean I then accept any old horseshit someone serves up to me without question.

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