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I think this is, so far, the most emotional episode of the series. From the moment Shun revealed that he had turned into a karma demon, his death was inevitable. The death scene was rather simply done; he just accepted his fate, for the sake of Saki and everyone else's safety. His confession and the usage of music made it all the more tragic.

The one problem which had always hindered me from enjoying SSY was their jarring transitions from episode to episode; for example, Episode 5, which employed a very different art style from the previous episodes. Here, we have another dose of a strange art style. I found all of it very bizarre, and too stylistic for my taste.

However, after giving it thought, I think this episode's art style was partly one of the reasons why this episode hit all my emotional buttons. In my opinion, the house's surroundings was supposed to mirror Shun's situation: he's a karma demon, he's ruined, he knows he has no future, but there's still a bit of hope left in him. (Hence the aurora...?) It also gives the effect that Shun and Saki are both in something of a fantasy world, which creates a memorable background for their parting.
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