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Originally Posted by Sephiroth_760 View Post
ah that's quite horrible haha xD
but I don't even know one figure store in germany lol

but to put that aside, u have great figures of eri! xD
(@sephiroth, Komme auch aus Schland deshalb :P)
I doubt there's a store which is selling figurines only ... the manga(/comic) store in my town does have some figures though. But mostly only from very popular series like Final Fantasy or Naruto or other hyped things like Death Note. Aren't that many and also a lot of small ones. Never saw an SR related. If you want something specific you have to be pretty lucky or just ebay it xD

I gotta admit I like to look and point at them when I'm there ... "OH LOOK *insert favo chara*!", but I'd never buy one lol. Maybe a litlle keychain or sumthing, but I dunno what I'm supposed to do with 15cm tall figures xD Specially since they are normally expensive. I have too much kitsch and tumpery lying / standing around as it is But everyone their own ^^

@revan, I love that tree in the background :O But I don't recognize what kind it is xD Wish I had a tree like that~ ... Now you have to find a beach for the bg of your Eri in bikini
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