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Originally Posted by zebra View Post
I dunno what I'm supposed to do with 15cm tall figures xD

@revan, I love that tree in the background :O But I don't recognize what kind it is xD Wish I had a tree like that~ ... Now you have to find a beach for the bg of your Eri in bikini
Absolutely nothing, you put them on a shelf (maybe in front of the DVDs) and just look at them

Not a tree, it's a climbing vine called Wisteria

I thought about it. There is only a public pool in my town and that's not really an option, but I'll think of something

Originally Posted by Sephiroth_760 View Post
for me, a figure or merely said merchandise is all about the heart. u know, there are many kinds of ppl, collecting whatever, just because they wanna say "yeah, I have this and this" and to be happy about it, that is what makes ppl like us buying figures and posting them here :P
Same here. I've never bought a figure of an anime character before or any other anime-merchandise that I was not familiar with from the certain series. There's only one exception, the Himekuri Girl in white dress - it was just too cute (and cheap) to leave it there
I just cannot understand people who buy something, than after a few weeks they realize that they actually do not need that item and sell it
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