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Oh my, i enjoyed that episode far to much. This could be the best episode of the series for me.

Firstly, those two Gundam 00 references were brilliant. I laughed hard at the first one when Hayate began to narrate the beginning instead of Alice in Wonderland. The randomness of it all made me laugh all the more. Speaking of Alice in Wonderland, this episode get's extra points for featuring one of my favorites stories of all time, though it's more like they were referencing CLAMP's Miyuki-chan in Wonderland with the bunny girl outfits.

The rest of the episode was just classic Hayate, which i had a great blast watching. Especially the legendary 100 year old candy shop that's only located in a dark ally scene.

Last few scenes pointed at future events, so i hope we get a another season in the future.
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