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Originally Posted by willx View Post
@Frenchie: That's only true if he "consumes" the same amount as you do :P

@Xellos: I'd do it the other way around:
-I'd raise the marginal tax rates and keep corporate tax rates low
-I'd go with the Canadian system of HST (harmonized sales tax, only end-users pay it and raw materials purchases don't)
-Exempt food and other basic services from taxation
Yes, I understand. I am not referring to equality, but taxes being equitable.

Low corporate tax rates are completely useless; companies funnel their funds through trusts, can buy off underwater 'shell' companies to artificially reduce their profits before tax. The idea that lowering corporate tax rates is going to do anything is based in a fantasy world where companies actually pay taxes when those 'tax reduction' strategies are widely available. (Depending on who you talk to, they'll be strategies or loopholes.)

The only ones that might be affected are some SME's. Anyone with a half-decent accountant won't be.
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