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Originally Posted by Destined_Fate View Post
Still, getting your girlfriend together with your dog? How is that not really messed up? Even still, hm being a dog the entire time and getting with anyone is still messed up even if Zessica is a part of Touma it would still be messed up. Though I could at least see him getting Zessica and his dog together to troll them both for trying to get in his way when his girlfriend is concerned.

Apollonius should have killed that dog a long time ago, not very loyal considering he's been wanting to steal her away for over 24,000 years huh?
I think someone explained earlier that Pollon was a proper shadow angel, but that shadow angels can take all sorts of forms. Nonetheless, Pollon reincarnated into a human being, twice. Hell, I can't even be sure that part of Sylvia isn't ShuShu.

Well, Pollon wasn't going to actually get anywhere while both Celiane and Apollonius were alive. It's possible for a person to love someone and yet not want to get in the way of that person's current relationship.

Why not compare Pollon to Zessica? Zessica loves Amata, but isn't trying to win him away from the person he loves. Part of her reason for that is because she truly loves him. However, she did start to say that line about how maybe in another 12,000 years, they could get together. That's what she was hoping for. And that is probably the way that it was for Pollon, who we are told prayed that he and Celiane could be together in the next life. That's not wrong, or a betrayal.

If Apollonius/Fudo-Apollonius can no longer be with Celiane or whatever parts are split off from her, then I can't see him objecting incredibly strongly to her being with someone who truly loves her. He probably wants her to be happy.

Originally Posted by wisteria233 View Post
I'm pretty sure they did make a promise to keep on loving each other when they met again, heck that's what the main theme song was about.

It was outright said that she as half a reincarnation sought to become whole again that was the reason for her behavior towards Sirius. In addition to that the only reason why they wanted to believe that he was Apollonius was because of their parents' disappointment when they found out that he wasn't. Hence why once both of then stopped caring about reincarnations the subtext stopped showing up. Also Slyvia had abandonment issues.
That seems to fit with what I remember of Genesis. On the other hand, it doesn't mean that it always has to happen. If Zessica and Touma are split halves too, they don't seem to be trying to become one person aga - oh. Scratch that argument.

Still, that doesn't mean that a split soul is the same person as they were before. It seems that in Aquarion-verse, souls can split or merge in many different ways, too.

Thinking about it, the theme song Sousei no Aquarion could work for a number of characters. Right now it sounds a lot like Toma to me.
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