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Originally Posted by Guido View Post
I do not know if what I'm going to request for has been asked already, but I do wish, please, a thread be opened up to discuss symbolism of the rose that each Rozen Maiden represents:

Red for Shinku
Black for Suigin-Tou
Yellow for Kanaria
Pink for Hina-Ichigo
White for Kirakishou

As for both Suiseiseki and Souseiseki the choices are quite tough, since I do not know which other rose colors do they represent:

There are purple/lavender/lilac colored roses,
There are also orange colored roses,
and peach colored roses, as well.
Though off topic, in response to your question.
According to these websites there is such a thing as a green rose:
You can find pictures of it by searching it's names: 'Viridiflora' or: 'China Rose' or by it's other name: 'Rosa Monstrosa' (The Green Monster).
Apparently it's petals are actually leaves do to an evolutionary defect, one of the sites also stated that all flower petals were originally once leaves to begin with, but evolved overtime.
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