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Originally Posted by buffboyali
This is assuming the mission hasnt been accomplished yet. Or has the will been compeleted??? Because there is arguments on both sides.
There is simply no conclusive evidence to suggest whether the curse had been broken or not. It is an open end story which is upto the viewers to draw their own conclusions.

There was a poll before the forum crash where 2/3 of the participants voted the curse had not been broken while the remaining 1/3 voted it had.

I myself had voted positively simply because the little boy and girl at the end (which I assumed to be reincarnations of Yukito and Misuzu/Kanna) had done two things which are not possible under the curse:
  • Holding hands walking together (which siginify a close relationship);
  • Playing at the seaside.

Anyway, that's just my view. Like I said, the ending is really open for interpretation.
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