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The Hashiras are a bunch of whack jobs. I'm guessing Mitsuri, the pink haired one, seems to be the most stable, if you can call it that, and hence, she was the one that spoke the most with the most screen time this episode. Well, Giyu is the most sensible in the group, but he has a speaking problem.

I mean, how stupid can you be when the Master already said that Tanjirou has seen Kibutsuji, whom the Hashiras want to know information about, and then the Hashiras want to gain information from Tanjirou but proceeds to turn him into an enemy by threatening and proceeding to kill his sister, who he obviously values above all else by his actions just a few minutes before? That's just plain stupid. Awfully stupid. Astronomically stupid.

The letter already stated that Tanjirou will commit ceremonial suicide if his sister, Nezuko, assaults human. Well, kill Nezuko, and Tanjirou will commit suicide. So how are you going to learn about Kibutsuji now, who you desperately want to know?

Obviously, Nezuko is not going to be killed and will be allowed to travel with Tanjirou by the next episode, but all the actions beforehand just makes these Hashiras seem crazy and stupid all rolled into one.
After the master mentioned Kibutsuji, Sanemi was the only one who continued. Everyone else stopped.
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