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The hashira are certainly an... eccentric bunch. Actually most of them seem like jerks or are just crazy. Tomioka grumbling about being disliked in the last episode now seems sane compared to most of them.

Huh, so Urokodaki was a former hashira. He must've been really good to survive that long (based on the Master's comment about being happy to see them all again after the last hashira meeting). Well, their hatred of demons is understandable considering how evil or crazy almost every demon we've seen is (with Nezuko and Tamayo as the exceptions) but they're not exactly a... likable bunch. At least Urokodaki and the Master vouch for Tanjiro and Nezuko but the rest, ugh. I actually miss Zenitsu and Inosuke by now, compared to the higher-ups.

Thinking back, Tanjiro is really lucky it was Tomioka who he first met and gave them a chance considering how crazed (or out of it) the rest of the hashira are.
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