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he had a captain haori over his shoulder so at least it narrows it down to him being one of the captains at least 20 years ago. That rules out yamamoto, unohana, kyoraku, joushiro, soi fon (yourichi was before her), 3rd division (rose then gin), 5th division (shinji then aizen), 6th division (ginrei then byakuya), 7th division (love then komamura), 9th division (kensei then tosen), 11th division (last one was killed and isshin is alive), 12th division (kirio hikifune promoted, then urahara, then mayuri), and kido corps (tessai).

The only one left is Hitsuguya's 10th division and i think its probably that since it fits into the timeframe and the 'captain' thing.
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