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Despite having watched and read that arch, I never heard something similar.
and yes i agree with Uncreativex...i've never come across anywhere where it says the king favors the noble family and people accept them.
Watch and/or read it again because you missed the explanation about adopting. Also it would make sense that the nobles just don't adopt or marry anyone, they are "noble" after all. As for the favor of the King and acceptance of the people, thats just common sense. How else would a family become noble. The only other way would be that the Family has immense reiatsu, but still they would have to have some sort of favor of the king or acceptance of the people. Otherwise all the captains would be classified as "noble", including Ken. Also if we go on the assumption of immense reiatsu then that would mean the thrown would change several times because the strongest would rule. However SS does not appear to be like that.

Since adopting rukia was breaking the rules...the opposite view of that would can't adopt (except in certain circumstances) which leads one to believe that if you can't adopt you have to bang (for the lack of a better word at the moment) and conceive.
I would agree with this if you were talking about the living world however souls exist much much much much longer in SS than when they lived in the living world. So the "nobles" would not have to adopt often. I agree adopting Rukia was against what the family advised but Byakuya is the leader of the house and they do as he says. Its not a democracy. If the king came down and said "no you can't" then it would not have happened, but he didn't so it either means he didn't care or didn't know. More likely he didn't care and there by gave his approval.

just as Wrenchan said:
He had already gone against convention by taking a non-noble wife, and when he took in Rukia as his sister out of respect for his wife he swore he'd never break the rules again (hence why he refused to intervene when the "rules" said Rukia had to be executed), so that tells me they don't regularly adopt just anyone.
Ok lets be honest here and put the vague pieces of puzzle together...or at least try to fit 'em. 1. you can get married is ss as shown by byakuya. 2. if you can get married then obviously there's going to be some intimacy. 3. as hinted by mayuri you can blow your wad (i would think he was putting his 'life force' in nemu (i mean c'mon, if it couldn't be aired what else could it possibly be???).....soooooo in conclusion i think those are hints enough (for me anyways) to let one know you can have kids.
1 is correct. 2: this is a vague statement. interpersonal intimacy or sex? part a, yes, part b, maybe but that dosen't mean it will lead to kids. 3: I read and watch the translations and I don't remember him ever saying "wad", also Mayuri did say that Rengi and Ishida had filthy minds because he didn't do anything that couldn't be aired on TV. Besides, Nemui has been ripped apart, poisoned and had an "alien" pop out of her and yet she still goes on. I'm pretty sure Nemui is a mod soul in a gigai, she was after all created by Myuri and therefor can easily be restored by him.

I still think Isshin is a substitute. like father like son.
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