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Originally Posted by Animelover#1 View Post
so is there no way to buy zero no tsukaima other than learn japanese?
There appears to be some misunderstanding what is being asked between you and demonix.
Originally Posted by demonix View Post
Unfortunately Japanese releases with english subtitles included are extremely rare (trust me I've bought a few DVDs direct from Japan and none of them have any subtitles whatsoever) and that includes what your looking for (although I really don't give a hoot if it has subtitles or not).
This applies to Japanese R2 DVD releases in general. This is not what you are asking about as far as I can tell. I assume what you want is U.K. R2 DVD releases or U.S. R1 DVD releases (please note that Japanese R2 releases are different to U.K. R2 releases).

Zero no Tsukaima (the first season) has been licensed in the U.S. by Funimation. You can import the U.S. version into the U.K. yourself (which is the cheapest method) or you can purchase the imported U.S. R1 DVD from shops such as United Publications.

UP, Familiar of Zero 21.60
Amazon, Familiar of Zero $36
DVDPacific, Familiar of Zero, $23.79

This is a new cheaper release due out on March 9th 2010. It includes English and Japanese language tracks as well as English subtitles.
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