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Originally Posted by Gamer_2k4 View Post
Yuki, on the other hand, is not human. She's a computer, and honestly, the fact that she develops feelings at all (regardless of what Kyon thinks of the matter in Disappearance) is completely ridiculous. Compare Asakuru. She's immersed in the world just as much as Yuki is, and she has no trouble dealing with people. But in truth, her emotions are just what one might expect from a computer: pure facades, and nothing more. She uses emotions as a tool, nothing more. A computer picking up emotions because it's surrounded by humans is as ridiculous as a computer generating fiction because there are a bunch of e-books on its hard drive.

Rei makes sense as a character. Yuki does not. But there's a very crucial reason why Yuki does not, and it's because she's a better character that way. She's better for the stories, and she's better for the audience. I like her the most of all the characters because of it.
To look at her as a computer is a very simplistic, and possibly wrong way of looking at her. At the very least, she's a very advanced artificial intelligence. I personally consider her (and her "species") to be sentient beings in their own right. Thus, I don't see why it's so ridiculous that she develops emotions.
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