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Originally Posted by quigonkenny View Post
I see no problem with thinking it odd that she'd develop emotions ("ridiculous", maybe not so much), because as advanced (and clearly sentient) as the IDSE and its interfaces are, they are on a fundamental level so alien to humans that it is unexpected that they would develop human emotions, as Yuki appears to have done (jury's still out on the other two). On a certain level it makes more sense that a dog or cat would develop human emotions, because at least dogs and cats, like humans, are biological. Yuki, even though she may be in an organic interface body isn't, entirely...
The thing is though, as far as I know, nobody really has any idea what the IDSE REALLY is like. At least, I don't recall their true nature being mentioned in the anime or the novels. Thus it is premature to assume that emotions are the exception rather than the rule.
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