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I need to amend my previous statement. It's not at all unreasonable for Yuki to pick up emotions. It's simple adaptation, and for all we know, Asakuru went through a similar (albeit much accelerated) process. If Yuki develops emotion as a way of appearing more normal, that's pretty understandable.

However, what's not understandable is Yuki developing MOTIVATION. It's one thing to win a computer game because that's what will make Haruhi happy and less likely to break things (which is part of your job description). It's a completely different thing to win a computer game because you personally want to be victorious.

When we see other people act, we can empathize because we too are human. We are intrinsically emotional, so we can grow and learn by seeing what other people do. In engineering terms, other people are white boxes to us. However, a humanoid interface like Yuki wouldn't have this insight. She'd have to approach things from a black box perspective; she'd see people acting a certain way, but she wouldn't know why. The best she could do was mimic the emotions she observed. She would develop a database of proper emotional responses for particular situations, and that would be the extent of the adaptation. That's it. How can you acquire intrinsic motivation, something you can't observe or relate to?

And even if that was possible, I don't get why the ISDE made Yuki the way they did. This thing is (likely) the most powerful consciousness in the galaxy. Didn't they do any quality assurance before shipping her out? How could they let a flaw like personal motivation through?
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