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Originally Posted by Mecha_Trueno View Post
Where did you find a 1080p version of that? Or is that some promo stuff for the coming Blu-ray release?
Originally Posted by Gamer_2k4 View Post
A bunch of HD images from the second season were included in an episode pack I downloaded. I think they came with the DVDs or something.
Kadokawa included wallpapers on all of the regular Haruhi DVD discs (not the LE discs) in the set except for Episode 00 and Volumes 1 and 2. 2006 had smaller versions while 2009 had the 1080 HD versions.

And to contribute to the topic, I find it interesting how we never hear about any other ITDE interface's experience through Endless Eight. Was it just Yuki that became so depressed? It wouldn't surprise me given how much Tanigawa-sensei likes her character.

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