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*out of breath* Sorry I'm late. Anyway, just gonna give my two cents so far. Sorry, but I'm just gonna sum up my feelings for each episode so far.

Ep. 1: Looking back, I now begin to think Ryuuji has OCD for cleaning. It never really sunk in before, but now I honestly think that. I liked it the first time, but now that I'm really picking up on it, I like it even more. His obsession with cleaning is refreshing. Also, this time around, I "get" Taiga a lot more than the first time.

Ep. 2: Only one word can describe this, and I wish I was the one who coined it: Toradorable. This show was literally Toradorable.

Haven't seen (again) past this right now. I'll catch up. Slightly off-topic, but has anyone else had the problem where the video and audio will continue, but the subtitles will just not show up for a line or two? They come back, but I have to rewind the DVD to see what they said.
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