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I don't really mind the "revealing the source of magic" part. The magic still feels like magic, imo. Madoka Magica never went all mecha/techno-mage like Nanoha did, and that's the main thing for me.

And I've never understood criticisms of the ending. A deus ex machina is when something vague and/or inexplicable comes out of nowhere to save the day. But Madoka simply made a good wish, something that we all knew was a possibility right from Episode 2!

And I'll be frank - Some people really need to get over a downright sadistic and anti-human cynicism. This overwhelming love of "dark" for its own sake honestly worries me sometimes. Madoka Magica almost always had glimmers of hope in the darkness, and good people valiantly pushing forward to overcome bleak circumstances. There's nothing at all ill-fitting about a well-earned bittersweet ending emerging out of all of that.

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