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Originally Posted by Jerseykid View Post
If the Hougyoku grants the desires of those around it then did Gin simply make the mistake of not going far enough away with it before Aizen went butterfree.

Also do we have to ultimately consider Gin as a good guy now? I am trying to remember if he actually killed anyone who was innocent since the first time we saw him or just a lot of wounding/going through the motions.

Also also, I hope this doesn't rob us of seeing any possible second form Gin had.
Hard to remember if he's killed anyone innocent on screen. Though certainly didn't do anything to stop the deaths of those who did die to this point. Plus what the heck was Gin thinking waiting this long to make his move? I mean seriously he waits until Aizen gains near immortality and then he makes his big move!? There's being patient and there is being an idiot.

At least this buys the regular characters some time. Ichigo seriously needs to pick up the pace though now Aizen has gotten to be even more hax than before. Though doesn't seem like Gin has much time left. Wonder how Ichigo is supposed to kill Aizen without turning the city to ash.
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