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Originally Posted by FlareKnight View Post
Plus what the heck was Gin thinking waiting this long to make his move? I mean seriously he waits until Aizen gains near immortality and then he makes his big move!? There's being patient and there is being an idiot.
The way I see it (based on what's shown in previous episodes) is Gin was merely giving everybody from the Gotei a chance to fight Aizen and see if there's anyone capable of killing him before he did. You may remember the remarks he gave to Ichigo when fighting him in FKT ("you're not suited to fight Aizen" etc.).
This episode, he said that he was nervous because of the "chance" somebody actually did manage to kill Aizen, but by doing that he showed that there's no one that could and prevented "Oh, Gin, if you hadn't killed him before I/we had a chance, I/we would.", even if it means going against a near-immortal Aizen.
Basically, it was more exciting to him this way. Although, yeah, it backfired...

The next few episodes are gonna have epic moments.
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