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Originally Posted by Sakanaka Shouko View Post
I read about Rakugo and age does matter when it comes to ranking because the person has to spend time(some years) doing chores , training and performing before moving up a rank. Actually, age is pretty much a consequence of this time spent on training and development.
Yes, the only reason age would be a factor just because the 'time' spent on the stuff. Its still true that age directly doesn't decide rank.

If a 40-year old suddenly newbie suddenly joined at the same time as a 25-year old, she wouldn't end up being ranked above the other just because she's older.

I just felt the way you worded it before was as if you were deciding rank purely on how old everyone was, which I felt was in error since there's a lot of factors involved in age that doesn't relate to rank at all. It would only become true if this specific 5 girls all started Rakugo there at the same exact age only in different years.

Originally Posted by Sakanaka Shouko View Post
We can guess that Gankyo ,Mari and Tetora are all the same age but Tetora is not as good as the other two on stage and that's why she still isn't a Futatsume.
heh, personally so far, from the little clips of each girl performing, Tetoras been the one I enjoy listening to the most. With Kigu being my least favorite.
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