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Several Scenarios:

Kanata is in the same class, but choose (perhaps with the connivance of some of the LB Girls closer to her) to put herself in a different class within the dream world for Haruka's sake. I find this quite a stretch - why would Haruka sneak onto the same bus as Kanata?

Secondly, Kanata herself was never in the dream world in person. The Kanata of Haruka's route is Haruka's perception of Kanata. Likewise, the Kanata in Kanata's route is the combined perception of those more sympathetic to her. Perhaps from Kud, etc.... The dilema here is then, where does this Kanata come from, and who dream her in?

Thirdly, this is the only non-canonical route (but if Saya and Sasami's routes are canonical, then it's quite odd for Kanata's to be non-canonical). It could well be a What If AU scenario where Riki gets close to Kanata, and resolves the issues between the two sisters from the Kanata as opposed to the Haruka direction. In other words, Kud Wafter... (if I read the synopsis correctly, the Accident never happened in the Summer trip, and the implication then is, if the Accident never happened, Riki would have ended up with Kud, while in the Summer trip, it's probably more of a toast up between Rin and Kurugaya.)

Fourth: Kanata could have somehow found her way into the dream world, via unexplained circumstances.

Well, it seems that Kanata's route is the outlier here, since the other routes have plausible explanations.

Another final comment: it seems that Kurugaya has the closest equivalent role among the LB Girls that Kyousuke has to the boys. Of course, she has very different personality quirks and issues, but still fill the exact same role that Kyousuke fills for the boys.
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