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Looked like that Tiger (P)'s got some speed as it raced past Miho's Panzer IV.

And two Tiger IIs? Damn. That's rough. I don't think the StuG III can take those on frontally. Only the 88mm has a chance against that.

I did notice that the Hetzer seems to be their secret weapon as it is in Black Forest Peak's paint job, it could slip in unnoticed if they aren't paying attention (thinking it to be one of theor Jagdpanzer IVs).

Also I'm guessing Miho will have to confront the River again with the M3 Lee going out this time (its tall so they'll live). Overcome that trama.

Smoke could be smoke screens, massive dust from and escape attempt, or from massed shelling. However the cloud pattern looked like a volcano blasting (that would be really bad, even for tanks).
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