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This was translated by a crappy translator who is still learning the language with absolutely no context behind anything of what is happening. Pretty much, I just took the last 6 pages (1 image) and translated them to the best of my knowledge. I hope it matches whatever spoilers were posted, since it would be a bit embarrassing for me if it didn't. Now to actually read what has been posted >.>:

Edit: Just so people know, there were a few parts where I was definitely confused. One of which was the line regarding Canaria. I wasn't sure if Dahak defeated them (as in, this was the one that destroyed their community) or if Canaria sealed him away and she was surprised it was even possible (for some reason, I thought this was the case beforehand).
I was also confused a bit about the Yellow River. The Yellow River is a river in china which is notorious for having corpses in it. I can't remember if there was something drastic with it or if it were purely deaths from natural disasters, though. I took "Souvenir of the Yellow River" (If that's even the actual translation) to mean a corpse (as in, Izayoi was essentially dead before he challenged Dahak to the game), or if Dahak was giving him a souvenir before he became a corpse. Again, take it for what it's worth.
Yet another thing is that I wasn't sure if Dahak shook him off and Izayoi stopped the blood with the tensing of his muscles, or if he stopped Dahak from shaking him off by using his muscles to hold onto him.
I'm also not sure who spoke in the first line. It might be Amalthea, it could be Shiro Yasha (Byakura or something in her unsealed form, I guess?), or some random person. No idea.
As a side note, I do like the Strength/Wisdom/Courage lines Dahak states at the end of the novel :x
for the yellow river, maybe it mean the river that we cross if we are dead. Azi Dahaka never spoke in polite form to anybody inferior being but if his opponent is dead person (he refer to izayoi because his claw already pierced izayoi and there is now way he gonna survive) that will be a different story. his word/ the conversation with that person whose at dead door will be the gift to take into the next world.
And if izayoi truly is dead, can he be summoned just like pest. As we know izayoi is not a normal human being maybe he is a much more higher being than we originally thought. If he can be simonned then i want kurousagi to be the one who summoned him. As a servant izayoi can never disobey kurousagi.
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