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Somehow I found out
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I suspected it was Lancer... but I agree, that should really be spoiler tagged.

Best thing about this episode was the next episode preview. Next episode really looks like it's going to be very interesting (and I'm not just referring to topless Saber).... particularly the whole Ilya/Shirou thing.

Atmosphere in the fights was great again. Easily the best thing in this series. It really helps make the fights a compelling watch.

Even though I disagree with his (extremely naive) reasoning, I think Shirou's ultra-defensive approach to the War is a good one. Hell, if I were in his boots, I'd go into hiding until all the other Masters wipe each other out, and try to defeat the remaining in as sneaky a way as possible. That's how I'd play it. But Shirou seems to not want to take part in the War at all. It's almost like he doesn't care if he loses so long as Saber doesn't get hurt and I can understand why that attitude pisses her off so much (hell, it pisses me off). I'm interested in seeing if this experience will be a reality call for him, because he's excessively naive, and as such a very difficult person to like.
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