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I just got the CDs, Haruhi-chan single, Nyoron character song and Haruhi wii game songs.

Those who got their Nyoron CDs, open up and look at the CD.

Notice what is on the bottom right of the CD, then what's in the middle of the CD holder. Then remove the CD and see what's below on the bottom of the CD cover. You should say Nyoron~ after that.

The Haruhi songs are just genius, besides all the homages, puns, censorship and stuff. Haruhi sings excitedly, Mikuru joins in, Yuki reads the lyrics as it goes along, Kyon tries to disturb the song, Itsuki tries to flirt etc. etc.

And everything is in a tight bundle of controlled chaos, it takes a songwriter with a mind as powerful as Haruhi to come up with. Amazing stuff.
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