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Originally Posted by Star-Wing View Post
Mmm....shall RnR your current sig for now ^^'
To begin with, great idea

To point out the cons, Kotomi is too much towards the left (she should be more near the light beam) and the signature is too wide. And you blurred her too much >.< (the guitar and her arms...but I think since I am scrutinizing it soooo much, it must be only visible to me, so not a problem ).

A suggestion (or two). Can you make the beam slight orangish? Like coloring a stroke a bit orangish or so. Oh, and try clipping masks for the text here, you will learn it and I think your text needs clipping masks here

Now, the long awaited pros. As I said GREAT idea. Loved the sun-beam and it's position <3 Also, Kotomi does seem to go with this scene You improved with lightning too.
A bit less orangish, so ask others if it fits autumn theme or not

Ha, there ^^ And I didn't mean to offend you or anything
Anyways, what's up?
Hmm. So I should sharpen her a little? and I thought it was a good size TT_TT uwaah... and also it's a freaking VIOLIN not a guitar.

Coloring stroke? What? do you an orangey photo filter?
and PSE does not have clipping masks TT_TT...I believe there is something called type masks but i don't know how that works or what it is...

Thanks. The sun beam was a lightstick brush. And Kotomi...I literally googled/photobucketed "anime render" and found her and thought she went well with it...
Lightning? eh??

well autumn is colros other than orange too...but there is a hint or orange...and I can try to make it a LITTLE more orange I guess....

and you didn't offend. C&C is lovely always. I'm terrible at giving criticism meself.
What's up? That's the second sig I'd done in quite a while...
I'm a little rusty...I've been nuts busy this week...with life...
We have to talk on MSN.
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