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If Vintage attacks now, she will have to confront :
- a newly awaken goddess of war, ready to kick demon asses
- a crossdressed girl in full "I will protect you with my life" mode
- a invisible tsundere demon girl, massively pissed with all that lovey-dovey nonsense between the two perv she's been watching for several hours
- a fujiyoshi-obsessed librarian about to explode in every litteral sense of the word
- a magnificient bastard who will gladly troll the attacker with a "just according to keikaku" followed by an irritating sufficient laugh

This attack offers many developments too, with Shiori around.
We could get two goddesses in one stone, if Vintage targets Keimako, and both the two goddesses rush in to protect their respective... fantasy?

On a side note, notice how Mars differ from Yui's looks.
In Diana case, she's a twin of Tenri. Apollo and Vulcan show minor variations too.
Does that mean Yui will transform into bishojo Char Aznable ?

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