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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
Objection! All swords girls are quite different: whereas Mai was the typical Kuudere, Yuiko is your onee-san type with quite the excentric tendency to molest anything cute.
In fact, you can say that Mai, Yuiko and Lucia are basically covering your usual 3 typical profiles for sword wielding girls.
Agreed. If anything Mai and Lucia are pretty much the opposite/flip-side of each other yet at their core they are "sweet and sensible girl" (gonna apologize to a certain someone here for borrowing his "words" )

Originally Posted by Kaisos Erranon View Post
I never had a problem with how LB used its music though. I have this problem with Rewrite. But mileages vary, yeah.
One of the reason why I think the music here is better than Clannad, while they are indeed powerful they get old fast with how big the game is and how most of the same music being used again.

Originally Posted by Balzac View Post
I am probably a bit late asking this but:

How was the "journey" for you all? Did you feel satisfied? Or did you feel the "moonwalker" could've dropped off somewhere different and more to your liking?

(side note: My favorite track in all of Rewrite is Journey)
The highest point of the journey is probably Lucia's route for me (I did her route last), and the conclusion of the Moon. Terra was good until it reached the finale part, I think some parts are kinda rushed during the conclusion and it probably need more than that.

As of the track "Journey" itself, I like it (I tend to leave the game running and stuck on title screen just for looping this) and I think it pretty much represent what the whole game is about . My most favorite tracks are 散花(Sanka)/Scattered Flower and Scene Shifts There, and one of the crime for Terra is how each of them only get used once (the former even being used for something not so powerful scene, compared with the one used in Lucia's route). I do have other tracks that I like, though I forgot some of their names .
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