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So was Zaraki's lack of sword access just part of him weakening himself, or was it related to Unohana's influence?
He sealed off his power in order to make his fights last longer. It makes sense that his sword, which is basically the core of a shinigami's power, would be the most obvious thing to close off. What the "real" sword looks like may even be up in the air, if Ichigo's sword stages are anything to go by.

And I'm still not convinced that Unohana is dead. Byakuya gave a similar speech when Ichigo appeared. The sword interrupting those final moments instead of allowing full closure on Unohana's "death" seems odd.

Ichigo losing and Renji winning is actually....kind of predictable. For all his power he is still just a representative of the human world. It's interesting to note his parallels with Zaraki over the years. It makes me wonder how intentional this was by Kubo.

Besides, Zangetsu and Hichigo were never confirmed to return after he got his powers back. So it's possible that the procedure to do that was just borrowed power as well, and he still needs to reforge that bond with his sword again.
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