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Originally Posted by Amario View Post
Even though Goomoonryong tries denying seeing his disciple before him all the more leader of the SunWoo clan. He decides to end things right there and then by leaving, probably had lingering emotion but man oh man! that elder is one seriously badass warrior not even bothered that the 9 arts dragon is before him.

It seems like Shiho really is the key for him returning....bring her back already! seriously missing her!
He's supposedly in the top 10 strongest in murim and since the Sun Woo is always at war or fighting someone he's probably and extremely experienced veteran when it comes to combat.

Elder Kwon also strikes me as a no bullshit kinda guy who doesn't give a damn about a persons reputation. He's also in guardian mode with Shioon and Jini there so expect him to try and end things real quick.
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