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Originally Posted by Jazzrat View Post
The last few episodes, Alto x Sheryl overthrown my personal best couple in anime which Jinto x Lafiel from Banner of the Stars held for many years.
Jinto x Lafiel is definitely one of the more dynamic couples out there. Unfortunately, in the novel they have yet to progress to where they are in the anime. With the 4th novel out, there is a long way to go for those two.

But, the novels are funny as hell:

Jinto: Hey.

Abh Girl: Please address me as class president.

Jinto: Class pres... huh?

Class President: That is a traditional nickname for our family.

Jinto: ... So uh, I've always wanted to ask, what is that thing on your head?

CP: Glasses! Haven't you seen one before?

Jinto: Of course I have, I just never knew anyone would actually use it.

CP: Hmm, thats a fairly normal response.

Jinto: Are you nearsighted?

CP: Yeah.

Jinto: You are Abh?

CP: Yeah.

Jinto: And you are near sighted? Can't you just fix it in the infirmary?

CP: Don't say something stupid like that!

Jinto: Is there a special reason for this?

CP: Being near-sighted is a family tradition!

Jinto: What? Why?

CP: Because it is a tradition that members of our family must secure and protect! That is what makes our family unique!

Jinto: Being near-sighted?

CP: Yes, now do you understand!?

Jinto: ...

- - - - -

Young Spore: I am the Countess, and I have decided I will work in six hours, why can't I decide when I want to work?

Butler: Of course you can, but I must inform you, after six hours, upon the return of your mother, we must report everything to her.

Young Spore: Wait a minute!

Butler: So, we shall await for your arrival within 6 hours.

Young Spore: Wait, don't play tricks with me!

Butler: Of course not, how dare us do such a thing?

Young Spore: Then as Countess, I order you not to report to my mother.

Butler: Of course, after all, I cannot report anything before she returns.

Young Spore: I suppose this order would be obeyed even until after my mother's return?

Butler: Countess, when your mother returns, your power as head of this household would be relinquished and returned to her. Under any circumstances, we must obey your mother's orders then.

Spore: So before she returns, I have absolute power over my own house.

Butler: *nods*

Spore: Then as the head of this house, close the space ports and prevent my mother from making entry!

Butler: Absolutely, but I must remind you, she is returning via a battlecruiser. It is heavily armed with an array of beam weaponry and fully loaded with nuclear arsenal.

Spore: Yes, yes of course. But she would not dare attack her own house, no?

Butler: I cannot answer that. You are her daughter, you understand her best.

Spore: . . .

Butler: But, as you are currently the master of this house, and as a royal servant to this family, I shall obey your orders and bravely relinquish the thoughts of death despite having to face the awe in the form of her personal fleet.

Spore: . . .

- Tak (Other dynamic couples include Hayami x Shibamura -Gunparade March-, but thats another story)

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