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Originally Posted by 4Tran View Post
You know, there are times when I wonder to myself why I watch anime. What always happens is that eventually I come across that perfect moment when a show just works, and in every imaginable way, and I get my answer. In episode 24, I experienced just such a rare moment of perfection when mega-Ranka showed up and started singing "Ai, Oboete Imasu ka". All in all, episodes 20-23 have been fantastic, but 24 surpassed them by far. From the different character moments to the combat choreography, I loved it. It definitely helps to confirm my decision to place Macross Frontier as one of my favorites. I really hope that the final episode lives up to the run so far.
4tran showing actual passion and enthusiasm for something in anime he loves...I think I'm going cry...Oh $hit tears are actually rolling down my face now...LOL I knew there was a heart in that tin exterior^^...

MacF is definatley a show that has so much quality in so many areas...I too have been swept up by many scenes in this show, but the huge Ranka-hologram battle was simply breathtaking on another level...
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