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Originally Posted by 4Tran View Post
I don't think that finance is going to be a problem. Macross Frontier is looking to be one of the most profitable anime of the last couple of years that doesn't carry either the "Gundam" or "Geass" monickers. If Kawamori is interested in making a sequel, a spin off or a completely different Macross show, Satelite and Big West are going to back him up on it. The real sticking point is whether he's going to be interested, and whether there's another good story to tell. Honestly, I'd rather wait the extra five years for another extraordinary work rather than six months for a mediocre one.
Kawamori said in his interview that he sees limitless possibilities for Macross, so it's likely not going to end here. But who knows, it might be a few years before we see another one. We'll all be suffering from withdrawal soon enough.
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