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Originally Posted by wingdarkness View Post
4tran showing actual passion and enthusiasm for something in anime he loves...I think I'm going cry...Oh $hit tears are actually rolling down my face now...LOL I knew there was a heart in that tin exterior^^...
What's so surprising about that? I've been a big fan of Macross Frontier from the very beginning; I just haven't posted all that much recently because Real Life (TM) intervened. Besides, it's not as if I don't gush about other shows as well: it's just that they tend not to be very mainstream, or obscure (Touka Gettan), or a little older (Noein), or all of the above. And of course, there isn't all that much to discuss about a lot of my favorite shows; Macross Frontier simply doesn't happen to be one of them.

Originally Posted by MaiHikari View Post
Kawamori said in his interview that he sees limitless possibilities for Macross, so it's likely not going to end here. But who knows, it might be a few years before we see another one. We'll all be suffering from withdrawal soon enough.
This is help a great deal since all of the Macross works are so very different from one another. As long as the basic tripod (variable fighters, singing, love triangle) is preserved, and the story takes place in the same universe, there's a lot of room for new adventures. It's also obvious that the creators are playing around with more ideas than would fit Macross Frontier alone, so it's mostly a matter of Kawamori working up the motivation to put together a new work. Still, he sort of likes taking his time at this kind of thing, so it may be a while yet before we see anything else. Hopefully, the next work won't be the 30th Anniversary.
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