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Thank for everyone's response, and honestly, i fully understand where everyone coming from. But still, i can't get it out of my head, on how my passion toward anime AND the naive dreams/fantasy which i am so fond of, has been fighting a losing battle against reality (without me realising for the past 6 years). And that i will never be able to live in the reality and truely enjoy anime (like i once was)

  1. Fact is, anime had so much impacts on me during my teenagers years (and lots of anime was aiming for this age so i'm not the only case), the time when psychologically speaking,we were seeking out for identity
  2. Fact is, i'm not talking about kiddie, immature anime like Pokemon when i mentions "beautifully unrealistic and simplistic". I'm talking about 99% of all anime being released within the past 10 years. And if number impress you, I finished 244 series+OVA during that time. I still enjoyed watching anime rather than labeling them silly. But can't truly enjoy like i once was
  3. Fact is, when i rewatched a few of those old anime, there is a big nostalgic feeling, and self-pity that this mature self of mine has lost and would never refound.

Maybe i'm just some over-insensitive idiot? Tell me if my rant has gone too far . But i have a feeling that i am waiting here for someone to tell me "yes, i understand what you meant, i once felt the same thing, but believe me (or believe me, the one who believe in you). Re-seek those passions and naivety the next time you watch anime. Real world and your stupid insecurity will beat it down, but stick with it, and it will lead you through the hardest time even as a grown-up, and you will never have to regret it..."

And i'm getting too romantic again
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