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Originally Posted by Thrasher187 View Post
Yes! A Hellsing avy! *adds to collection*

You're really improving from the first post. The "this is my weakness" animated avys were pretty good too, even though the text appeared to be a little grainy...

Well, keep up the good work!
I love that icon since her expression is hilarious. I did the "this is my weakness" ones when I was still experimenting with stroke on text, now that Im a bit better, I agree that it doesnt look all that great. Thank you for the feedback

Originally Posted by Marina View Post
Just ran across your thread and I really love these La Corda avatars! I just watched the anime, and I was bummed to see that not many ppl seem to have any work done on it (except for the Crescendo website), so I was really excited to see yours. It would be especially cool if you could do icons on all the characters w/ the instruments (Shimizu w/ his cello, Hihari w/ his trumpet, Kaho w/ her violin, Kuchiura (sp?) w/ the piano). I can see your improvement over time by looking at all the icons you've done: keep up the good work!
Well if I decide to do Corda icons again, Ill try to find scans of them with their instruments. I got all of those from a friend of mine and theyre all from the game. But Ill keep an eye out for intrument ones.

Originally Posted by konstargirl View Post
Anyway ,I wouldn't save these on gifs because sometimes they give bad quality to the image. Anyway, your graphics are really cool.
I know, though I havent really figured out how to save them as .jpg if adobe tries to auto save it as a .gif Im still learning adobe but thanks.

Originally Posted by The Chaos View Post

You know I love Tamki Too....
Thanks, I adore him and its always fun to make icons of something that hot, also can be said for Lulu and Fai

Ok small update since I haven done many icons lately...

My new fav anime to make icons of is Nougami Neuro, his expressions are just too funny

And of course more Mononoke...shame this series was only 12 epis

The 5th one and my current avy are the same, I just added text to my avy and lightened it a bit

Lack of subs has left me in despair so I made icons!

and one friends-only banner for livejournal

Ok next time...more Neuro, Ghost Hunt (surprised arent you ) and Zombie-Loan.
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