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Originally Posted by bigdave View Post
haha nice work on ur Recent tries at sigs Manju =3

Good job on the cropping areas. U have an eye to crop in the right places ^^

as for the christmas siggy, if u know how to use the cloning stamp tool then u could have gotten rid of the that little green blurb from the source.

IF u don't know?
(click on clone stamp tool, then alt+click on the area in which u wish to use the colors that are similar which would be the red on her outfit as a base. then using a good brush size click on the area with the text and slowly get rid of the text. ^__^ )

btw love the Avies u make WMB
Thanks glad you like my icons , I try to crop as well as possible since I havent really figured out how to cut yet XD Crop is one of the things I like doing. And thanks for the tut on cloning! I asked about it also in the avy/sig tut thread as well since I really need to learn how to clone

Another attemp at a sig. Actually made this one before the Ghost Hunt one. This was my first attempt at coloring a background and using the brush effect

Bigger vers

This is the orginal stock so it looks a bit different
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