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Oh another page I forgot to post in (re-posts for people who dont look at previous pages)

Everyone! I'm glad that you have signed up to AS to join in our lovely discussions of Anime/Games/General Discussions, etc, etc or to simply view things around here . I hope you all have a good time here and please remember to keep it safe by following the Forum Rules

Originally Posted by Kaze View Post
Welcome to AnimeSuki!

Being new here, you probably wonder how some of the stuff here on AS works,

For any questions you might have, please refer to Here (<-- Click link for Info)

And some more information can be found Here (<-- Click link for Info)

If you want to know some witty ways to post stuff, check Here (<-- Click link for Info)

If you have time, please check them out so you can start having fun on the forums!

Again, welcome and enjoy your stay!

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