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Originally Posted by Jarmel View Post
Holy Jesus, that's movie level quality easily. This must have a cost a fortune to produce. They really don't half ass things at ufotable do they? Good god.
It's really Aniplex who deserves the majority of the praise. It's obvious they're putting a fuckton of money behind this production. The level of advertising and quality of the production itself is just insane, especially considering the first episode is an hour long and the anime itself is still going to be 25 episodes. If this were Geneon instead of Aniplex, you wouldn't be seeing even half the quality that's in those shots, even if they contracted ufotable. I'm surprised that they haven't put an ad for Fate/Zero in the Nikkei Newspaper yet, seeing as how they're just throwing money at this. It's also cool how they're being extremely progressive and simulcasting it in 8 different languages (wish they had picked a better venue for it though). It's just...insane, I can't stop saying it. This may be the most expensive production of the year...they're really betting that this will bring in bucket loads of cash. That said, the animators at ufotable surely should be praised for producing something of this quality, I don't think DEEN would have been able to produce something like this even if they were given just as big a budget.

Originally Posted by przemoc View Post
I found it a bit hilarious how many of you here tell how brilliantly F/Z looks by commenting 320x180 (!) pics... (It was similar earlier with some crappy camrips of PVs). Please, be reasonable.

Yes, we've seen HD CMs, SD PVs, many magazine scans etc. so we know it will look very good, but it's still unknown, though, whether it will be 1080p quality or just 720p like in case of KnK, because 1080i CMs aren't telling much now (actually they make me quite suspicious of this alleged top-notch quality, but they're TV rips, so we have to wait for BDs to be sure).
Call me a noob, but I fail to see what resolution has to do with overall animation quality...
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