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Originally Posted by novalysis View Post
I still can't see how the RNR situation developed, considering Rondo (level 2), and Monochrome Concerto (level 3 - 9). There must have been a reason why Asuna and Kirito finally parted ways, and I wonder how the anime is going to handle that, or how they are going to sort out the mess of short stories and Volume 1 together.
Hm.. and neither do I, frankly. It's why I think we should stop speculating and just trust in the studio and Kawahara, as we're going to become very paranoid (I know I am) if we continue this right up until episode 2 airs. ;p

Originally Posted by kyp275 View Post
nope, you're right. Asuna said she fell for the feint because she felt like he was actually capable of dual wielding.
Ah, thanks. Man, I'll be so miffed if they don't animate that duel.. (or maybe they'll retcon it to a later point in the story..?)
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