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Another great episode. As someone who's being introduced to the LB world for the first time, I can say I already like the characters and the whole story setup, even if the premise seemed a tad ridiculous. This anime will create a strong feeling of bond within the group and thus evoke my sympathy as well, I can tell that already.

I found the jokes to be well delivered again, and they felt fresh compared to what can be seen in an average anime. Kamikita-chan was adorable, almost too much, but the silliness factors in nicely to balance that out. I think she'll be fun to watch. Did not like the anteater part but I realize this sort of thing is somewhat necessary in a VN adaptation (I'll just ignore things like that). This episode was pretty darn well animated, I like the style better than the one in Angel Beats! for now. If they can keep this up, I'll soon forget that LB anime wasn't bestowed with the godly KyoAni craftsmanship.

The secret notes and the narcolepsy got me interested already, and add some depth to the plot (the latter will definitely have something to do with the supernatural).

Looking forward to the next one .
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