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Okay, addressing in order...

Originally Posted by Bonta Kun View Post
Like Rambo said on BC maps are alot bigger so tubing never really been a problem, it's more the snipers on there.
Well, at least in most cases the snipers can be countered by airpower (manned or otherwise) and vehicles (just watch out for mortar strikes). Besides, like 'thumping', sniping here takes a bit of practice to get down... personally, I've had much better luck rolling with a Thompson or Garand or M14 than any of the sniper rifles.

On MW2 it's easy to get them kills with grenade launcher.
As RR notes, this is almost entirely due to map design... yes, there are enclosed spots on BC2 maps, but they tend to get torn open really quick. Again from personal experience, I find myself having better luck with launchers if I bring flechette packs instead of HE (the '40mm SGN')... great for, ah, close encounters. Incidentally, this is what I liked about Killzone's StA-52 - that both it and its ISA counterpart lost their mated weapons in subsequent iterations was not only displeasing, but made no sense.

Also on MW2 you had this rather annoying perks called "One Man Army" which lets you change class during the match, so waht people do is put grenade launchers on all their classes and would switch once they shot off their rounds.
Just to clarify - 'during the match' as in literally mid-engagement?

Or using the "Scavenger" perk to resupply which meeans you could keep shooting off.
Remember, folks - OSP is a good thing.

Sort of related: I always wondered why there wasn't a 'hot smoke' upgrade which allowed smoke grenades to block thermals as well as visible light... or why, when they borrowed the heartbeat sensors from Rainbow Six, they didn't bring along the two countermeasures (jammer and decoy) immediately...
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