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Originally Posted by Firefly00 View Post
Well, at least in most cases the snipers can be countered by airpower (manned or otherwise) and vehicles (just watch out for mortar strikes). Besides, like 'thumping', sniping here takes a bit of practice to get down... personally, I've had much better luck rolling with a Thompson or Garand or M14 than any of the sniper rifles.
Haha oddly enough if you do bring the rain, filling the air with Air support does help greatly in MW2 but theres so much airsupport "spamming" these days it's stupid and it tends to always be one sided.
But thats one of the things I like about BF, while sniper tend to be the biggest problem they are actually a big problem, they can be dealt with but on COD it's becomes alot harder to deal with "morons" doing their tricks/glitches not to say you wouldn't find that on BF either but much much less.

Originally Posted by Firefly00 View Post
Sort of related: I always wondered why there wasn't a 'hot smoke' upgrade which allowed smoke grenades to block thermals as well as visible light... or why, when they borrowed the heartbeat sensors from Rainbow Six, they didn't bring along the two countermeasures (jammer and decoy) immediately...
You use the Ninja perk to get around thermal/HBS, makes you invisible to them.

For the vid, I'd like to point out the welcome return of the G36 and MP5(not the MP5K model, that one is pants. I'm on about the one from COD4:MW that one was godlike!)
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