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Originally Posted by Kirito View Post
There's nothing wrong with harems, I truly love them and fan service is really lie, but compared to few if some all female cast shows, the all girls shows win it the most, at least to me because it doesn't really follow the cliches that most harem shows display and it kind of caters more to more "real" relationship settings, growth, story and scenery to say the least. Harems are like get some guy, put some hot girls in there, and watch the fans see who the guy will end up with...not much to go on in terms of a story. Some harems have great stories, but it's the cliches that make it lose to an all female cast anime, at least to me.

The examples of harem series you've given are more comedy/fanservice based than any serious plot, while the yuri series you've given are all more plot driven, so kind of one-sided don't you think?

Wouldn't a better yuri comparison if you're using something like Highschool DxD would be with say- Manyuu Hikenchou ?
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