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Originally Posted by Ichihara Asako View Post
I typically prefer series without male characters at all, because the vast majority of males in anime are incredibly stupid, weak and lame characters that are a detriment to the story/setting.

And while I do enjoy harem, it's typically just for the female cast; the male leads are almost always generic and boring nobodies. They're designed that way for male audiences, apparently, but I'm a woman and just hate weak male characters that are so abundant in anime.
When was the last time you're seen a harem series? 2006? Because most of the spineless seem to have died off then.

Originally Posted by FateAnomaly View Post
I prefer all girls shows vs harem. I just can't find any reason to show any interest in the pointless existence of the lone guy.
So if the guy wasn't pointless and lonely...? Or if there's a greater plot moving things behind it all...?

Originally Posted by SilverSyko View Post
Honestly though, I'd much rather prefer a series with an even or near-even male to female ratio in it's characters. While I do prefer male characters and follow some series with a very high amount of them, I always think they could stand to add some more women sometimes.
A population of 1:2 in favor of girls feels about right to me.

Originally Posted by SilverSyko View Post
When it comes to harems, I can very rarely look at the female cast as anything more than tools to fulfill the wishes and desires of horny teenage otaku. Seldom will I also come across one with a decent male protagonist and a downplayed harem aspect, and when I do that's usually the only real reason for me to pay it any mind at all.
You do realize that yuri shows are marketed to the same desires of horny teenage otaku right ?
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