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Originally Posted by DOA- View Post
I refer to the problems of the love triangle of taichi, Inaba and iori.
And little about the roles that Chihiro and Enjoji in history
Let's just say the so called "triangle" hardly even existed. They were both mostly taking their leisure to tease Taichi together during Vol.3 Kako Random and that's about it. After the incident of Kako, Iori started questioning her own feelings towards Taichi and this "triangle in name only" dissolved right away. There were no drama over this particular issue, no arguments nor bitterness, nothing. Only friendly teases. Unless you count the one time during the events of Vol.4 Michi Rand when Iori (Broken) was acting extremely cold on purpose and said spiteful things to hurt Inaba.

Sounds too ideal to be true but I like how it worked out. It's already painful enough to watch them break from Heartseed's trolling anyway.

As for the two newbies' role:

Spoiler for Vol.6 Nise Random:
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